While swimming pool landscaping can be a great addition to your pool backyard, deciding which type of natural stone to use as a coping can be a difficult decision. The stones we find most popular for flooring around swimming pools are granite, bluestone and travertine – but which of these is the best choice for your backyard? In this article, we have prepared a short guide that we hope will help you choose between these stones for the most attractive look.

  • Appearance Black Limestone

Granite is available in a variety of colors including blacks, grays, whites and even peach. Natural speckle all over the stone can add interest and sparkle to the pool area.
Blue stone is available in fewer shades from blue-black to blue-grey, but it is still a highly attractive choice. Available in a variety of textures that can add to its appeal

Travertine is also available in a range of colors, such as cream, silver brown and even. Each piece of stone is unique and the patterns create variations in colors, resulting in other hues.

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