As of today, it is known that pools are used in many different living spaces. It is possible to encounter a wide range of pools, from swimming pool facilities that accept many guests at the same time to pools in gardens or in front of private villas. In this respect, the issue of pool maintenance emerges as a very important issue.

The fact that the pools meet the hygiene conditions is very important for human health. It is known that pools that are not maintained periodically prepare the ground for the formation of many bacteria harmful to human health over time. At this point, it is important that the pool maintenance is carried out by professionals and that the pools are checked regularly.

It is aimed at healthy use by paying attention to pesticides and chlorine during maintenance, and ensuring the ability to break down germs. pool construction Since precautions will be taken with the plastering process that will not keep the water against moss during the process, it is ensured to prevent undesirable situations in situations where the sun rises above the normal temperature level with the steep lights of the sun. In pools that can be filled with normal tap water or sea water, maintenance is carried out according to the pH level of the water. The difference in the spraying or maintenance to be used in both water types is made with the guarantee of our company, and daily cleaning processes are provided throughout the season without any problems.

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