Skimmer System Pool Construction

Reinforced Concrete Skimmer Liner Pool, Suyun havuzdan hiç biryere degmeden pompa vasitasi ile su havuzdan emilip filtrasyon yapildiktan sonra tekrar su havuza verilir ve havuzdan suyun kaybini %90 engeller. Betonarme Skimmerli havuzlarimiz bu kolay kullanimi nedeniyle oldukça tercih edilmektedir.

Before starting the construction of the reinforced concrete liner pool, the land for which the pool is planned to be built is measured, it is determined whether it is suitable for the situation, and a ground survey is made. The excavation removed from the area where the pool will be built should be in accordance with the dimensions and the project. In order to ensure that the ground to be obtained in reinforced concrete swimming pools is smooth, compaction processes are carried out with stone layer materials such as tunnel, filling, blockage. After all the castings required in the construction of the pool are completed, iron connections are made according to the static projects. Then, mechanical, plumbing and electrical connection works are carried out taking care not to damage the concrete.
One of the most important factors in the construction of reinforced concrete swimming pools is that there is no leakage or foreign substances mixing into the pool from the outside. Therefore, the insulation of the pool should be done very well. Pool isolation is done in all places that come into contact with water. The sand used for the pool plaster should definitely be river sand and should not be mixed with other things in any way. In reinforced concrete swimming pools, the pool bed is compressed with stone layers to provide the fastest seating. After the compaction process, gross concrete is poured so that the floor is smooth. After the outer concrete molds and curtain molds of the swimming pool are cast, the floor mold is poured. Afterwards, the floor mold is poured in one piece. After the mold casting is done, the required time is waited and then general pool isolation should be done. Finally, before the plaster and handle is thrown, it should be kept for 1 day by sprinkling with a material that provides flexibility. The concrete pool construction is completed by pouring plaster into the pool that has come to the coating stage.
In reinforced concrete pools, the floor can also be covered with the liner coating process.

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